I know that the things you cannot have are the ones you want the most.
I'm what he wants and he knows I can't be his girl, that's why he won't stay away from trying to get me.
You're the one I cannot have and that makes you the one that I want (so bad that you have no idea).

The flavor added by my impossibility to get you, makes my body shake, my heart jump in an unusual way and my head explode everytime I think about you, try to call you, talk to you, or remember anything or anyone related to you.

Why is it that I can't have what I want? Why on earth did I fall for you? Why the fuck isn't anyone else enough to keep me happy or satisfied?

I think about that a lot, since my body shakes, my heart jumps and my head explodes too many times in one day, I think about it a lot.  What is it about you that drags me into you?  Is it the softness of your kisses, the body I could'nt have, the incredibly huge different kind of lover that you are, the fact that I could have had you and I could'nt keep up, the fact that you're one of the most amazing and incredible person I've ever met (this includes that I think you're drop dead gorgeous)...I don't know, I mean, who can choose a reason when it's a combination of all of them plus your condition of being an unicorn?

I can't deal with you away from me, It's as simple as that, you make me happy, even though I know I'll never get what I want from you, your presence makes me smile and makes me wanna tear my skin off to show you that I really want you from the inside and that I've never meant to hurt you (despite my mistakes in the past), and I'm sure I never will.

Why is it? It's driving me insane with everyday that goes by and we stay appart.

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