Just thinking...

There are so many stupid people on Earth right now that I'm amazed how the rest of us can handle any situation peacefully at all.

I remember that last year my mother's son called me and my sister thieves, he even said he could sue us. I laughed, off course, but deep inside all I wanted to do was to punch his face and knock him out. I don't care if he was on a ton of cocaine or not, he destroyed something that day because of his stupidity. A few months later he called her trying to pretend that everything was fine, but no fucking way, you cannot disrespect people and then act as if nothing happened, you know what? Fuck off.

I also remember that I used to have a “friend" who thought it was a good idea to threaten to sue me, having nothing to blame me for, at all. I still laugh my ass off about that because later she tried to make contact with me, also pretending like she hadn't fucked it up. She makes me sick, stupid people make me sick. 

Sometimes you just feel like grabbing some people's head and kick it with your knee, you know? 
I don't think I'm a terrible person, but damn! 

And they are not the only ones who keep threatening to sue us, what a bunch of suckers.

Now, how about when someone threatens to sue you and at the same time asks for favors? Those are the greatest of them all, I mean they should really receive a prize for being the biggest assholes alive! 

There's this guy who was thinking about suing us while we were magnificently doing something that he was supposed to be doing, and that's how he "pays" us, ¿ah? Man, he brings the worst out of me, I swear I could kick his motherfucking ass if I wasn't a non violence kinda girl. He deserves it, everyone who tries to bring you down just for their pleasure deserves to get kicked in the balls.

I hope my lawyer doesn’t read this because I’m gonna get in a liiiiittle trouble, but hey, I had to get it out of my system.

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