You and her

I want you to choose a place of your city, choose one you've never met and please, make sure she's never been there before.  I want you to pick her up and take her there, if you want I can borrow you the Dalai.

Once you get inside the room, I want you to take her body and make her yours, you may be able to make things with her that you've never imagine, if you turn her on enough to make her loose her mind...

Make her come as many times as her body can resist, and I promise you that she'll make you come so many times that you'll never believe you could handle that kind of energy.

Kiss her, lick her, bite her, make her scream...do her in a way that's not been seen in your head, and you'll never forget what do 2 humans do to each other once they feel pure attraction and give themselves to passion...

I could go on writing what I want you to do to her, but... I'm not gonna!

I dare you to do it...

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