Rise and fly!

 Fly, for there are wings under your skin.

Look at the sky, smile and rise above the ground.

There are colors everywhere, just open your eyes and prepare your mind to see them.

Chase whatever makes you smile. You know you’re not like everybody else, you were not born to be caged.

You keep fighting to live an extraordinary life, you deserve nothing but it.

A life full of happiness, meaning, breathtaking moments, strength, joy. You got joy running through your veins all the time, just let it flow and inspire your actions.

Life is not worth living in sadness or any kind of negative feeling, neither negative thoughts are worth having. What is the point? Move on, learn from the stuff that happens and go back quickly to the smiling human being you are meant to be. Bitter people suck, refuse to become one of those annoying ones. Take care of your thoughts because that is where feelings are born.

Fight against yourself (and your weird tendencies) and the world to live the life you truly want to live, it’s worth the effort. Just picture it in your mind, it draws a smile in your face immediately, doesn’t it?

Fly, you are strong enough to do it, go ahead and jump fearless (and if you feel fear, punch it in the face, it’s just a son of a bitch designed to protect your brain and keep it resting).

Your brain doesn’t know what’s best for you, show him that a life of fulfilled dreams is a better one for both of you, show him and make him shut the fuck up.

Rise above issues, dramas, bullshit, excuses, negative people, ungrateful people, pain, violence, sorrow and everything that may hurt you. Who knows for how long you’re gonna live, and you better jump to your purpose and die with passion, so when you pass away you get to be remembered as a happy, crazy and free woman who left an impressive mark behind her.

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